February 20, 2017 by Guest Student Author

by Annabel Holmes '22

We're all so complex.

And it confuses me when people allow for one moment, or mistake or event or even an instance of something tragic or unusual, to define them entirely as a whole.

We're not made up of the things we've said, or done; nor are we made up of the aspects we dislike about ourselves. We're not what others, or ourselves see us as, think of us as, or define us as; we're not the mistakes that we've made, the things that we've done in the past, or the stuff that we've screwed up or shattered to pieces with our own hands and actions. We're not any of those things, our thoughts don't define us, and neither does what we say.

We are humans, creatures of evolution who are made of so many other things. All we are is our skin and bones, tissue and cells, blood and water, carbon and oxygen, limbs and nails, hair and flesh; we are made up of so many things, and we were made to be the brightest of things. We're made up of inhales and exhales that mix and stir the air, the blood and water we all have, and so much more puzzling things.

Our teachers have always told us what we were made up of, from the red of our arteries to the blue of our veins, the purple of the capillaries, and the pink of the membranes; we’re made of a rainbow, layers and layers of colors that overlap on each other. But even then, that's not all that we are. We are blank slates of white and gray with every passing minute, hour, and day each giving us a splatter of color or touch of texture; and those touches and colors allow us to live and breathe, and create and learn with their hands leading the way to our futures.

That's what we're made of.

We're also made of tough things.

Tough things that help us to sit and stand, walk and run, read and work and write; we’re made up of the things that allow us transform and evolve. However, not things that make us like everyone else, nor things that would make us want to hate ourselves. We're made up of such unique details and aspects, stuff that actually defines us.

We're humans, animals that started off as clean blank slates of canvas which now are gaining color with every passing breath. It's a beautiful mess, our sometimes non mixing colors, and messy web of memories and thoughts and questions.

We are humans.

A masterpiece of chaos and beauty.

Written by Guest Student Author

Periodically students volunteer or are asked to write for the Stoneleigh-Burnham blog.

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