Students and Faculty participated in the Clarkdale Cider 12k Run

November 14, 2016 by Guest Faculty Bloggers
by Andrea Tehan Carnes
On Sunday morning, November 13th, five students and four faculty members got out of bed, put on a few layers, and went over to Clarkdale Farms to run in a 12k road race. The five students who ran are also members of our school's Cross Country Team who did extra training each week in order to be able to run the 12k distance after the regular season had ended. It was a beautiful sunny but windy day, and the girls did a wonderful job!

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Seven SBS Students Conquer the Ragnar Trail New England Race

September 22, 2016 by Guest Faculty Bloggers

by Andrea Tehan Carnes

While most of our students were off enjoying a hot leisurely summer all across the globe, nine ambitious students decided to try something new and sign up to train for and run a 15-mile trail race in the nearby town of Northfield, Mass. I got the idea in my head to do this race with our girls a little over a year ago while volunteering at the same race at the registration table, when a rival cross-country team checked in their students to do the race. I thought to myself, "If THEY can do it, so can we!" A little recruiting -- and, surprisingly, not a lot of persuading -- later, we had nine girls ready to go. We only needed eight to fill a team, but as this wasn't the first time I had captained a relay team, I knew there would inevitably be a few people dropping out for unforeseen reasons. It was good to have a backup plan.

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