March 04, 2015 by Bill Ivey

In the movie Parenthood, there’s a scene in which Dianne Wiest, as single mom Helen Buckman, comforts her 16-year-old daughter Julie, whose boyfriend has just left her. Smoothing her hair, she says, “Men are scum.” Just as she repeats, “Men are scum,” her younger son Gary walks in the house and overhears her. Caught in the moment, faced with his hurt and stunned expression, desperate to smooth things over, she looks up at him with a big smile and says... “Hi, Gary!”

Imagine the scene (and its aftermath) if Helen had said “All men are scum.” Now replace that with “Some men are scum.”

Now imagine the scene and its aftermath if Gary had screamed, “Not all men.”

And as you do so, don’t forget Julie.

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