On the Right Track

February 01, 2017 by Bill Ivey
  • The general public has viewed her sports as lesser; his sports are more widely regarded and compensated than hers.
  • Media has favored his sports over hers.

From the updated “Declaration of Sentiments” written by the Humanities 7 class along with girls from Bancroft School, Center School, Eaglebrook School, Four Rivers Charter Public School, Hampshire Regional School, and Hilltop Montessori School.

I often feel like I have to apologize for being a fan of the UConn women’s basketball team. They’ve won four straight NCAA Division-I championships, their current win streak (which broke their own record of 90) stands at 95, and their average margin of victory is in the double digits. Other than the UCLA men’s basketball team of the John Wooden era, no program that I can think of has dominated a college sport to this extent. So some baggage comes with identifying as a UConn fan, especially if you didn’t actually go there.

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The hard is what makes it great

February 03, 2016 by Bill Ivey

( title quote from A League of Their Own)

Thank goodness for Annie. Most years, I can rely on my Twitter network to let me know National Girls and Women in Sports Day is approaching, but somehow this year, it caught me by surprise. Spurred on by Annie’s reminder, I was able to quickly assemble a photo gallery for Facebook, and selected a picture of a team cheer for Twitter (as it happens, last spring’s Fitness class preparing to compete in the RVAL Ultimate Frisbee tournament).

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Oh, joy. One whole day.

February 05, 2014 by Bill Ivey

Whatever you might have thought of the Super Bowl, at least it's a chance for the people of Seattle to celebrate their first championship in pro sports in 35 years, right?

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