Intersections: For Love, Respect, and Dignity

October 10, 2019 by Bill Ivey

Tomorrow, as two middle schoolers announced in a housemeeting presentation on Tuesday, is National Coming Out Day. You knew they were thinking intersectionally right from their title slide as they chose the eight-stripe version of the rainbow flag, introduced in 2017 by the Philadelphia More Color More Pride campaign in order to be explicitly inclusive of Black people and other people of colour.

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Intersections: Valid and Loved

October 11, 2016 by Bill Ivey

Yesterday in housemeeting, two students and I talked about the recent GLSEN conference we had attended together. The kids were brilliant, speaking simply and directly about their experiences attending sessions on fashion and gender, being gender expansive, the film “The Year We Thought About Love” chronicling the development of a play by queer youth and their straight allies, and expressing one’s truths through poetry. In preparing for this moment, it suddenly occurred to me that National Coming Out Day is somewhere in mid-October (n.b. It's today, October 11). Was it randomly the same day as housemeeting?

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