Road Trip

March 03, 2016 by Bill Ivey

Middle School classes ended today, which simultaneously means that my time instantly becomes much less scheduled and that the next couple of days will be absolutely packed with progress report writing, proofing, and revising, not to mention entering skill assessments. (Break is also packed with missing my students, but I know we all need and deserve the rest, and that we will all be back together soon enough!)

So of course, with all this free time and all this work to accomplish, I decided to… take a road trip to Natick. What could be more logical?!

But I had had a Rock Band rehearsal the night that Jessica Lahey spoke in Western Massachusetts, and I knew she was speaking in Natick, and I wasn’t about to miss her again - particularly as just this morning she had shared out one of the most vulnerable and honest pieces of writing I’ve ever seen. Plus, I had managed to finish the rest of my Rock Band comments this afternoon, and was pretty confident I could handle my Humanities 7 comments tomorrow.

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