Thinking Globally, Acting Ethically

October 08, 2012 by Bill Ivey

It was October 1970 and the date of the Moratorium to End the War in Vietnam - a general strike to protest our involvement in the Vietnam War - was fast approaching. My friends and I in the fifth grade at Marks Meadow Elementary School in Amherst would huddle together during our free time and try to figure out what was the best course of action to take. We all agreed it would be wrong to join the general strike and take a day off simply to get out of going to school. It was tougher to decide whether joining the general strike would produce any positive effect, and thus whether it might actually be more valuable to attend school and squeeze every last bit of education out of the year that we could. In the end, we simply agreed that whatever any of us chose, the others needed to respect that choice.

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