Honor Roll of the Soul

March 31, 2015 by Bill Ivey

(a speech given in the Honor Roll Assembly)

Good morning, everyone! I want to begin by thanking Student Council for inviting me to talk to you all today. I’m grateful for the chance to do so, and will do my best to live up to your faith in me.

Before I jump in, I just want to tell any of you who might want to engage with me about anything I say today, whether in person or online at the school’s blog, that I would love to have that conversation and I would love to learn from and with you.

What I want to say to you today is entitled:

Honor Roll of the Soul

It was a beautiful morning, and my favourite Humanities 7 class of 2009-2010 was having one of those random and deep conversations so typical of all my favourite Humanities 7 classes, whatever the year. We were talking about the notion of specialness when one student suddenly straightened and leaned forward and said, “Yes! I’ve always wondered about that! Because if we’re all special, doesn’t that mean no one is special?”

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