Faculty Professional Development - 2019-2020

September 18, 2019 by Maeve Ryan

(Updated February 26, 2020)

Karen Pleasant, SBS's History Department Chair and Co-Coordinator of the IB Program, was selected as a WGBH/WGBY 2020 Educator Ambassador. She was chosen as one of 17 educators across 11 districts in Massachusetts who have 150+ years of combined experience in the field of education. The role is a two-year commitment and involves monthly meetings, webinars, assignments, and conferences. "I was really excited to be chosen for this role and have been looking for this kind of professional development," said Karen. "I have also loved PBS—and have have used it as a classroom resource—for years. Now I have the opportunity to serve as an ambassador and teach my fellow colleagues about all that PBS Learning Media has to offer. We are a diverse group of teachers and I am inspired to learn more about what it's like to teach underserved populations." To learn more, visit www.wgbhedambassadors.org.

Prior to the start of the 2019-2020 school year, new athletic trainer Emily Dylewski and Associate Director of Admissions Brittany Weiss attended a Junior Boarding School Association faculty conference at Eaglebrook School in August that included sessions on coaching philosophies, professional boundaries, how to care for international students, and more. Emily reports, "I enjoyed attending the conference at the Eaglebrook School. Being a new employee at an institution such as this can be daunting at first glance. How will I maintain a balance between work life and home life? It was helpful to learn from experienced professionals about how they keep boundaries while having meaningful interactions with their students. The session called 'Words Matter: How the words we choose and the way we say them affects students' was great; I have applied this awareness to not only my work-place, but my personal life as well."

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A Conversation with Spanish Teacher Jess Durfey

September 23, 2014 by Guest Faculty Bloggers

(A conversation between Shawn Durrett, Dean of Faculty, and Spanish teacher Jessica Durfey)

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