Hot Chocolate Run 2019

December 10, 2019 by Bill Ivey

There are typically thousands of people who participate in the annual Hot Chocolate Run in Northampton, Massachusetts. The event raises money for Safe Passage, which serves survivors of domestic violence; this year, the run raised $632,000. Each year, our Community Service Club organizes a group of supporters to volunteer to cheer people on.

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Time Passes

November 16, 2011 by Bill Ivey

It was not easy to tear ourselves away from the games. The varsity soccer team was playing for the league championship in a closely-contested tie game (we would eventually lose in a shootout), and the sun was shining warmly down on the spectators cheering them on. Meanwhile, the varsity volleyball team’s last match of the season was also close (it would end in a 2-3 loss). But once we got to my car, after having been forced to take last week off from service at the animal shelter due to power outages, it felt good to be on the road again.

At the shelter, Lisa smiled at us from behind the front desk and said it was really good that we came today because some of the morning volunteers had not been able to make it. Two adult volunteers had already started in on some of the work, and so it fell to us to clean four cat cages and ready them for their next residents, plus set up two additional cages that had already been scrubbed clean and disinfected. One of the students, in her second year of volunteering, had her cage scrubbed and newspaper already laid on the floor of one of the clean cages before I even had the chance to see how she was doing. The two other students, both first-years, needed little guidance themselves and also worked at a quick pace. As I wandered back and forth to touch base with them all, I was startled to walk in the front room and see one of the girls smiling out at me from within a cage - I imagine in order to gain easier access to the back wall and ceiling.

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