Intersections: Almost Magic

May 22, 2017 by Bill Ivey

Sometimes, things just come together almost magically.

On Saturday, I went to see an advisee play the part of Rosalind  in a youth production of "As You Like It." As I watched her on stage, I noticed her strong vocal projection, her remaining absolutely in the moment with her lines, altering her vocal tone and emotional pitch even within a sentence if need be. I watched her match facial expressions to vocal emotions, and I watched her move confidently about the stage. I loved it all.

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Intersections: A Group So Persistent

September 19, 2016 by Bill Ivey

“No. We’re not going to restart.” Much as I value resilience, and much as I value student voice, I couldn’t imagine what they were thinking. A group of 14 middle schoolers, on their annual bonding overnight trip to Camp Becket, were trying to get across a 20-foot “lava river” using only six rubber dots about 10” in diameter. They were only allowed to step on the dots. If any of the dots were left untouched, even for a moment, they melted away (meaning Edie, the Camp Becket staff person supervising the group, took it back). They had gotten maybe nine people over but had just lost their fourth dot, meaning they were down to only two. How could they ever get five middle schoolers across a 20-foot lava river with only two safety dots?!?!

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