The Future

January 16, 2018 by Guest Student Author

By Mia Mullings


I'm so tired.

How much longer will we be seen only as those

Who worked the fields

Cooked the food

Made the meals,

Please tell me what should we feel!


Soaked in the tears of burning sun


The smell of cotton

Drenched the bodies of those

Stripped of their culture

Dragged by their toes

From the place they called home

To where they are whipped to the bone

By those whose hearts were made stone cold.


What more would life unfold?


But you see,

You've must've been mistaken,

To think that my people would only be taken

To become slaves and nothing more,

Never to rise up, never to soar


No, trust and believe we will become much more,

Go far beyond the chains that used to bind our limbs,

And seal our lips shut,

From speaking our minds

Mapping out what is hard to find,

Looking for a way out and never finding a sign


We will shine through,

Our past,

We are more than history of slaves

We are the upcoming future,

And we will come fast.

Written by Guest Student Author

Periodically students volunteer or are asked to write for the Stoneleigh-Burnham blog.

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