Professional Development: AISNE Health and Wellness Symposium

May 09, 2017 by Guest Faculty Bloggers

Athletic Director Annie Kandel attended the AISNE (Association for Independent Schools of New England) Health and Wellness Symposium last week. Annie reports:

The focus of the day was health and wellness of teens with a concentration on mental health. The morning focused on social media use and the afternoon on athletics and coaching philosophy.

The speaker in the morning was Jill Walsh who works in the Center for Mobile Communications at Boston University. Her talk was interesting, engaging, and very informative. She feels that social media are not all bad and certainly very important to teens. Parents and schools need to work to understand the significance for teens and educate them on acceptable use. The major concerns regarding teen use are loss of sleep and social comparisons. Teens are using visual images to figure out ¨where do I fit in?" and ¨who am I?" Social media is the new version of hanging out and adults can help teens be in a safe space and create appropriate boundaries.

The afternoon speaker was Greg Dale who is the sports psychologist for the Duke University Athletic Department. He focused on coaching style and philosophies that help athletes achieve and engage. He covered topics like earning credibility with athletes, the power of the language we use, and helping athletes face pressure situations and embrace pressure.

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