Junior Ring Ceremony 2018: Speech by Luna '20

November 30, 2018 by Guest Student Author

Luna Patience, Vice-President of the Junior Class, delivered this speech during their ring ceremony on Thursday, November 29.

I feel privileged to be able to share such a special evening with all of you, both guests, and classmates.

As a class, I think, we’re in a very liminal time. We grow closer every day, bonding through our difficulties, our downfalls, and our joy. We are brought together by the strenuous tasks that lay ahead: standardized testing, University applications, and for many of us, the IB.

These shared experiences unite us, yet simultaneously, they draw us apart. We are beginning to define ourselves as individuals, and to think seriously about what we want to do in our future and who we want to become. With these new possibilities, however, comes distance. We are nearing a natural turning point in all of our lives, a time to remember what has been and to define what is to come. Unfortunately, pursuing our dreams will take us to new, yet separate horizons.

That is why this evening, and what it signifies, is so special. It is a moment to look back on, even as we begin to move in different directions. This school, this community is our origin point. It ties us together as a class; as a legacy; as a group of intelligent, powerful young women who have had the honor of knowing each other. And we will always have this evening, and these rings, to remember that by.

I am truly honored to be able to share this moment with all of you. Each of you are amazing individuals, wonderful in your own unique ways, but together, you are truly unstoppable. I am sure that after five, ten, even 20 years, though we may be separated by land and sea alike, we will always be bonded by our time here at Stoneleigh-Burnham, and by moments like these.

Written by Guest Student Author

Periodically students volunteer or are asked to write for the Stoneleigh-Burnham blog.

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