Installation Ceremony: Student Welcome

October 16, 2018 by Guest Student Author

by Jacqueline (Jax) Morgan '19, Head of Student Body

Hello Stoneleigh-Burnham community: students, faculty, graduates, friends, and families, who all embrace this community as I myself have been proud to over the past four years. My name is Jacqueline Morgan, I am a senior, and it is a great pleasure to be speaking on behalf of the student body at the installation of our new Head of School, Stephanie Luebbers.

A few weeks back, I was hoping to gain insight from my peers on how to best welcome Stephanie in a way that tells the perspective of the whole student body. There was one comment, told by a fellow senior, that seemed to say it all. She said “Stephanie is truly a ray of sunshine. I think she will give our community even more positive energy, which will help our school prosper.” And it is through this simple and yet tremendously fitting comment that I recall my first few days back on campus with Stephanie this fall. Her enthusiasm for this school shone through in her greetings of students, her conversations with the senior leaders, her spirit for our athletics and indeed, her necklace with the map of Greenfield and Stoneleigh-Burnham she excitedly showed us on our first day of leadership training. I knew right then, Stephanie was the perfect fit for our community.

Our community here at Stoneleigh-Burnham is, by what we have come to know as definition, richly diverse, inclusive, caring, and supportive, and in many ways language limits us to these words because what makes this campus and its people so special goes deeper and beyond just these factors. In as many changes as this school may go through―students coming and graduating, new faculty arriving each year, changes in leadership―these changes only enrich what makes our community so special.

In talking with many of my peers, when we think of Stephanie stepping into this community, we think of how her qualities mesh with our school’s mission and values. We think of her inquisitiveness in wanting to know about our lives as students. We think of her boundless school spirit. We think of her passion for initiative and ‘making it happen.’ And funny enough, we do not think of her as being "new" in the literal sense of the word because of all of these reasons.

Stephanie, thank you for the commitment you have already shown to this community and what makes it so special. Your devotion, kindness, and eagerness is evident every day and in every respect and I know that this will continue to be true for years to come. We have no doubt you will have an incredible impact on Stoneleigh-Burnham and the people who call this school home and on the behalf of the entire student body, we cannot wait to see what the future holds for us with you in this role. Stephanie, it is with so much admiration and excitement that we welcome you to the Stoneleigh-Burnham community.

Written by Guest Student Author

Periodically students volunteer or are asked to write for the Stoneleigh-Burnham blog.

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