Eighth Grade Moving Up Ceremony: Closing Poem

May 28, 2016 by Guest Student Author

Each year, we close the Eighth Grade Moving Up Ceremony with a poem assembling the words of the middle schoolers as they look back on this year, and look ahead to the next. This year's poem follows.

Something That I Will Keep Forever

When I first came to SBMS, I was







sad to leave my old school

I was crying.

I was clueless.

I was excited and terrified

I was excited to meet new people, but nervous about making friends.


But now, I am…

confident, happy and relaxed,

enjoying my SBS life.

I am more comfortable with new people.

I am really happy because I had a great experience.

I am nervous about upper school.

I was awkward, small, disconnected and hopeful. Now, I am hopeful, positive, friendly, confident.

I was petite, but now I am grande.

I was close-mouthed, but now I am loud and clear.

I was shy and nervous, but now I am bold and confident.

I was small and insecure, but now I am a secure, grown, and more mature teenager.

I was a nervous ball of fun energy, but now I am a ball of fun energy.

I was a blank canvas, but now I am molded yet still pliable.

I was unsure I’d made the right choice, but now I’m very happy I came.

Now, I am a different person. A better person. I will never forget myself before, but myself after.... Is truly me.


My favourite parts of the day were…

Having conversations with my friends,

Getting my English language pronunciation better,

Getting to meet people from all over the world...

Hanging out with my friends.





Eating lunch with my best friends,

Eating lunch out on the patio,



Select Chorus,

Free time,

Playing video games,




My winter sport,

Dinner with my friends,

Hanging out after study hall,

When everyone hangs out in the common room,


The small moments you share with other students at random times:

Seeing a friendly face,




Joking around...

My friends.

Next year, I’m looking forward to…

A fresh start,

being a better me,

having more responsibility.

I’m looking forward to making new friends,

Meeting new people,

Strengthening my friendships with people.

I’m looking forward to interesting new classes:


electives, and


I’m looking forward to soccer, and

to being a varsity tennis player.

I’m looking forward to mixers and lunch.

I’m looking forward to not being the youngest grade any more.

I’m looking forward to

more fun experiences,

learning new things,

being more active...

Growing up.

I’m looking forward to all the things my future will bring.

But I will always remember…

The first friends I made from SBS,

my class from this year...

my wonderful experiences as a 7th grader,

our inside jokes and shared grade experiences.

I will always remember the things I’ve learned,

the good times I had,

DC and Spirit Week,

Founders’ Day,’

bonding trips,

Dancing, and

all the memories that I created:

my truly amazing middle school experience.

I will always remember my teachers and my friends,

my closest friend,

everyone’s smiles, and

all the times I laughed and didn’t care about anything.

I will always remember to sleep before 11 p.m.

I will always remember all the people I met this year because everyone means so much to me, every single person has told me something that I will keep forever.

I will always remember lifelong memories with lifelong friends,

the moments we had together;

they mean a lot to me.

I will always remember…

… you.

Written by Guest Student Author

Periodically students volunteer or are asked to write for the Stoneleigh-Burnham blog.

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