Commencement 2019: Head's Remarks

June 04, 2019 by Stephanie Luebbers

delivered by Stephanie Luebbers

In the months that followed my being hired as head of school and that also preceded my arrival, I wondered most about the students I would serve. My experiences with Stoneleigh-Burnham School students had been brief during the search process, but I found those students that I had interacted with to be passionate, vehemently articulate, individualistic, yet strongly connected to and committed to their community.

Would it turn out that my impressions were sound?

The answer is a resounding YES, and it is the senior class that has led me to this conclusion.

Over the course of the year, over and over again, this class has buoyed me, challenged me, built relationships with me, demonstrated their passions to me and to the community. They have spoken eloquently about what they care about, stepped up to serve when the need arose, and they have led this school to significant successes on the field and stage, in the classroom, and in their co-curricular efforts. I will miss them, and I will treasure the giant selfie we took together before the installation last fall, as well as all of the business cards that they have left behind, everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE.

One of the enormous advantages of attending Stoneleigh-Burnham School is that it is such a close-knit community. In a school like ours, each student is known and nurtured and seen. The faculty and I have captured a few core characteristics of each graduate, and I have the distinct pleasure of introducing the class to you.

Graduates, would you each please stand when I call your name?

Audience, please hold your applause.

(here follow individual introductions)

Class of 2019, you are a truly remarkable group; I challenge each of you to stay courageous, to believe in yourself, and to build your communities with your gifts.

Written by Stephanie Luebbers

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