Commencement 2016: Closing Remarks by Alaine Jolicoeur

May 31, 2016 by Guest Faculty Bloggers
  • Seniors - You did it and now begins your journey. You are heading off to the next chapter.
  • You will face adversities and injustices of our society because of your genders and your identities. There will be many in this world who will believe that you are not worthy, but I beg to differ because you are phenomenal and because “haters will hate." You have the vision and dedication, so use them to your advantage. Do not ever allow anyone, to devalue who you are, because of you are... use your voice, stand tall, and keep your head held high.
  • When you see injustice, call it out; when you see oppression, fight against it; when you see discrimination, challenge it; and do not allow yourself to be a silent observer. As famously stated by the great Dr. Martin Luther King, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”
  • Our world is in tumult, and we are badly in need for leaders such as yourselves to advocate and find sustainable solutions. Be the changemakers of our generation, be the leaders in your own right. Follow your passions, take care of yourselves, and allow yourselves to fail.
  • From my experience for every time I have failed or I am challenged, I strategize and come back with newfound strength and courage because I am fearless and resilient. I can never give up because tomorrow is not promised for me.
  • We are citizens of the 21st century and we are not going to sit idly by and wait… We are the best generation to have lived on this planet. We are open-minded, we are diverse, we share our pains and stories, and we are technologically savvy. Therefore we cannot be idle. We have a responsibility to our communities, to our countries and to our world.
  • There are many greats who have come before us - Harriet Tubman, Eleanor Roosevelt, Sylvia Rivera - who remind us every day to use our convictions to push us forth and fight for what is right.
  • You will do great things because of your potential... so go ahead and make your mark in this world. You have the brains, the talents and principles to carry you forth... I wish you all happiness, peace and comfort in your endeavors.
  • Congratulations to you, seniors, the class of 2016, and remember that the sky is not the limit... but space is.

YOU are all AMAZING!

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