Commencement 2015: "Closing"

June 03, 2015 by Guest Student Author

closing words to the Class of 2015 at Commencement, written and read by Nafisatou Mounkaila '13.



And so it begins

Today you bring yourselves into the new

With quite a few lessons learned


What it means to be a woman of dignity

Standing for every cause that caresses your heart


Speaking up because you have grown to hate silence.


You’ve learned what it means to be a woman of choices

YOUR OWN choices

There will come times where voices around you

Will demand control over both who you ARE and who you choose to be

But you will diligently prove that you are the owner of your own identity


Sing from a serene soul

Think thoroughly through thick and thin

And seek NO substitutes for truth

Bullet proof, will be your intelligence

And these diplomas are proof


Embrace being women of knowledge

You’ve taken courses that make your brain cells want to cry

And though I

Guarantee that it only gets harder

It also gets better


Now more than ever we need you


Today we have seen it all

Injustice to those who have gone unheard

Conflicts arising because the oppressed have grown tired of a system that profits off of their pain

But you and I both know that there is no real gain

If we cannot maintain




We have seen women making strides and STILL being forced

to hide

behind their accomplishments

But we will see the end of all of that with you



are women of tomorrow



You have what it takes

You have started the journey

You are on your feet

You come second to nobody

You are women

So your strength burns as bright as the stars

Along the way we may scar


Feel like you are worth it because YOU ARE

Feel like you are stunning because YOU ARE

Feel like you are everything because YOU ARE


Your success starts now

Your perseverance is nothing new

Don’t wait for people to tell you what you CAN do

You success starts now

And it starts within You

So own your greatness, and the rest will follow through


Congratulations Class of 2015


Written by Guest Student Author

Periodically students volunteer or are asked to write for the Stoneleigh-Burnham blog.

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