Campaign Speech given by Gracie Spencer '25

September 13, 2019 by Guest Student Author

Every spring, we elect not only the OEKS (student heads of eight different areas of school) and the Vice President of Student Council but also the Presidents of the 9th grade, sophomore, junior, and senior classes. Each fall, the upper school classes elect a Vice President, the eighth graders elect Co-Presidents, and the seventh graders elect a Class Representative.

This year, we invited the newest members of Student Council to share their campaign speeches. This speech, by Gracie Spencer, Seventh Grade Class Representative, is our second submission.

Hello! As you know, I am Gracie Spencer! And as you may or may not know, I like playing and listening to music, (preferably Taylor Swift), writing, watching the show "Friends" and baseball, playing Volleyball and eating watermelon. That’s basically the rundown of me. But that doesn’t include who I am and what I am like. Therefore, it will be helpful to know that I consider myself a loyal person and I stand up for what I believe in. If I get this role as 7th grade representative, I believe those will be helpful traits to have in a leader. I will be loyal to you and I won’t just stand up for what I believe in, but what we believe in. I’ll do my best to make our voices heard and for us to make the greatest impact we can while we are here. I’ll also do my best to be everything on that list that we said was a good leader, because not only do I want to be a good leader, I want to be someone you can trust. If I get this role, I’ll always remember that it’s not me showing up. It’s us. So ending with that, I hope you’ll consider me as your 7th grade representative and and I’m excited about what our grade has to offer. And as the filmmaker Gina Carey once said, “A strong woman looks a challenge dead in the eye and gives it a wink.” And I believe we are all strong women who can accomplish anything together.

Written by Guest Student Author

Periodically students volunteer or are asked to write for the Stoneleigh-Burnham blog.

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