Four Educational Engagement Tips

International Women's Day 2020

World Day of Social Justice 2020

Black History Month at SBS

United Nations Project 2020

Knowledge is Power

Intersections: What Our Students Need In Tense Times

Intersections: Conversations on Social Media

Hot Chocolate Run 2019

Intersections: Giving Thanks 2019

Stickies & Catapults: Just Another Day in Science Class

Intersections: On being kind

Intersections: Boo

Summary: Bill Ivey’s day at the 2019 AISNE Diversity-Equity-Inclusion conference

Intersections: Head to Heart, a report from the 2019 AISNE Diversity-Equity-Inclusion conference

AISNE Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Conference - Oct. 24, 2019

Intersections: International Day of the Girl 2019

Intersections: For Love, Respect, and Dignity


post #ClimateStrike

Intersections: Getting Smart About My Smartphone

Faculty Professional Development - 2019-2020

Intersections: Improving Kids’ Middle School Experience

Campaign Speech given by Gracie Spencer '25

Campaign Speech given by Sarah Amzil '21

Convocation 2019: Lauren's words

Convocation 2019: Katie's words

Convocation 2019: Melissa's words

Convocation 2019: Stephanie's words

Address to Reunion

Eighth Grade Moving Up Ceremony: Eighth Grade Class Speaker

Commencement 2019: Closing Remarks

Commencement 2019: Address

Commencement 2019: Head's Remarks

Commencement 2019: Class Speaker

Commencement 2019: Welcome

Commencement 2019: Opening Words

Eighth Grade Moving Up Ceremony: Speech by student Heads-Elect of School

State of the Girl: The Inspiring Greta Thunberg

Intersections: Hold On

State of the Girl: Far Enough?

Two poèmes by Emma R. '20

Intersections: Dedication

Intersections: Taking Pride

Mental Health Awareness Month 2019

Speech at ASSIST Dinner

Intersections: L'impermanence

Choosing the Growth Mindset & What Inner Strength Means to Me

"Stranded" by Luna Patience '20

"ANX (Fog)" by Joy Lundberg '20

Intersections: Book Review of "Brave, Not Perfect"

"Nolite te bastardes carborundorum" by Syd L. '19

Intersections: Confluence of Silence

Kavanaugh's Plight

Intersections: the 2019 NELMS Annual Conference

A Playlist for the Powerful Woman in All Of Us

To Those Who Struggle to Eat

Romantic Relationships & Red Flags

Intersections: International Women's Day 2019

Intersections: Talkin 'bout my generation

Intersections: "Everybody, Everybody..."

Intersections: Gender and Sexuality 101

I Can’t Breathe

Spoken Word

Intersections: Women's March 2019

"The Voice of Stoneleigh-Burnham" 2019

Intersections: Choosing your battles

Intersections: Happy New Year 2019

Intersections: Holiday Traditions

Intersections: 2191 Days Later

Junior Ring Ceremony 2018: Speech by Luna '20

Intersections: Giving Thanks 2018

Student Work: Stop Motion Video

Intersections: Just, Vote

Intersections: A practice of invitation and grace

Intersections: Don't Stop Now

Installation Ceremony: Stephanie's speech

Installation Ceremony: Faculty Welcome

Installation Ceremony: Staff Welcome

Installation Ceremony: Student Welcome

45 Minutes

SBScodes: AP Computer Science Principles -- Weeks 2 and 3

Intersections: Undoing What Kavanaugh Is Doing to Our Kids

Karen Pleasant on "The intrusions of the world on the classroom"

SBScodes: All about a new course at SBS: AP Computer Science Principles

Convocation 2018: Remarks by Julia (Jewels) Hatchard '19

Convocation 2018: Remarks by Jacqueline (Jax) Morgan '19

Convocation 2018: Remarks by Shayna Appel '78

Intersections: The Roots of Democracy

Convocation 2018: Remarks by Lauren Cunniffe, Academic Dean

Intersections: “Ten Questions Parents Should Ask Before School Starts”

Intersections: Book Review of "Enough As She Is"

Intersections: #SavingLivesChat

Intersections: The Gift that Keeps On Giving

Intersections: Meeting the Promise

2018 Eighth Grade Moving Up Ceremony: Closing Poem "Ready to Explore"

Commencement 2018: Closing Remarks

Commencement 2018: Commencement Address

Commencement 2018: Head's Address

Commencement 2018: Senior Class Speaker

Commencement 2018: Opening Remarks

2018 Eighth Grade Moving Up Ceremony: Class Speaker

2018 Eighth Grade Moving Up Ceremony: Address

Intersections: Timeline

Intersections: Days of Future Past

Intersections: “Raising Caring and Happy Children in a Challenging Time”

Intersections: GLSEN Massachusetts Spring Conference 2018

Intersections: Day of Silence 2018

Poem #3


回家 Homecoming

Ember's Walkout Speech

Intersections: Activist School

Intersections: The Vermont Academy Diversity Conference

Intersections: #TDOV 2018

Intersections: After the March (toward intersectionality)

The World We Live In

Intersections: What is good pedagogy?

Intersections: Taking Inclusion for a Test Drive

Intersections: Emerging

Intersections: 2018 Fenn School Multicultural Educators’ Forum, part two

Intersections: The Power of Story

Intersections: Something We Create Together

Intersections: Rediscovering Hope

What can we do...?

Intersections: Ongoing Conversations

Stoneleigh-Burnham Women on the March

Intersections: The Pause that Refreshes

Essay on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "Be Somebody" Speech

Untitled Poem

The Future

The words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: “The American Dream”

Intersections: Reframing the Context

Intersections: Finally

Intersections: An evening with Rachel Simmons and Rosalind Wiseman

Intersections: #WhyWeWearBlack

Intersections: Looking back, looking forward

What You Hold Dear

Intersections: Still Here

Intersections: GLSEN Massachusetts Fall 2017 Conference

As I began to ponder...

Intersections: #AMLE2017

Intersections: Overcoming Bias

Intersections: #MeToo

Intersections: Through Another Set of eyes

Intersections: Beyond the Fear


Intersections: "Untangled"

Intersections: Enough with the Bravery Thing

Intersections: Dress Codes and Ethics

Intersections: Not Whether But How

Soaring beyond what we even imagine is possible

Making This Place Beautiful

Intersections: All I Got

If those two can become one

Defining Your Experience

Intersections: Love, Grace, and Vision

Intersections: "Creating a Culture of Feedback."

Intersections: #CharlottesvilleCurriculum

Intersections: Taking the Hint

Intersections: Drowning Out the Superfluous

Commencement 2017: Closing Remarks

Commencement 2017: Opening Remarks

2017 Reunion Luncheon Speech

Intersections: Tribute to Ann Sorvino

Annual Poem: Eighth Grade Moving Up Ceremony 2017

Commencement 2017: Address by Student Speaker Xiangge (Coco) Zhao '17

Address to the 2017 Eighth Grade Moving Up Ceremony

Intersections: Almost Magic

Intersections: The End Is Near

Professional Development: AISNE Health and Wellness Symposium

Intersections: ACT

Professional Development: "AISNE Unleashing your leadership superpowers"

Intersections: My identity is my purpose

Intersections: Beyond Breaking the Silence

Professional Development: Spanish Civil War and Fascism

2017 Poetry Festival

Ingrained Pain

Twilight's Lullaby

Professional Development: STAND UP! Symposium

Intersections: #LoveMySchoolDay

Intersections: Rising Girls

Intersections: Even Stronger

Intersections: #GirlsRock

Winter Term Honor Roll Remarks

Intersections: Supporting our kids in a time of increasing intolerance

Intersections: A Day Without Women

Student Photo Contest: Feb. 2017

Intersections: A Strong Wish I Make Every Night


Intersections: Excellence

Intersections: #ProductOfPublicSchools

Intersections: Not My Kids, You Don't

Declaration of Sentiments (2017 version)

On the Right Track

The United States of America UNITES again

Choice vs. Chance

Intersections: Too feminine?

In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Intersections: This Generation Coming Up