Four Educational Engagement Tips

International Women's Day 2020

World Day of Social Justice 2020

Black History Month at SBS

United Nations Project 2020

Knowledge is Power

Intersections: What Our Students Need In Tense Times

Intersections: Conversations on Social Media

Hot Chocolate Run 2019

Intersections: Giving Thanks 2019

Stickies & Catapults: Just Another Day in Science Class

Intersections: On being kind

Intersections: Boo

Summary: Bill Ivey’s day at the 2019 AISNE Diversity-Equity-Inclusion conference

Intersections: Head to Heart, a report from the 2019 AISNE Diversity-Equity-Inclusion conference

AISNE Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Conference - Oct. 24, 2019

Intersections: International Day of the Girl 2019

Intersections: For Love, Respect, and Dignity


post #ClimateStrike

Intersections: Getting Smart About My Smartphone

Faculty Professional Development - 2019-2020

Intersections: Improving Kids’ Middle School Experience

Campaign Speech given by Gracie Spencer '25

Campaign Speech given by Sarah Amzil '21

Convocation 2019: Lauren's words

Convocation 2019: Katie's words

Convocation 2019: Melissa's words

Convocation 2019: Stephanie's words

Address to Reunion

Eighth Grade Moving Up Ceremony: Eighth Grade Class Speaker

Commencement 2019: Closing Remarks

Commencement 2019: Address

Commencement 2019: Head's Remarks

Commencement 2019: Class Speaker

Commencement 2019: Welcome

Commencement 2019: Opening Words

Eighth Grade Moving Up Ceremony: Speech by student Heads-Elect of School

State of the Girl: The Inspiring Greta Thunberg

Intersections: Hold On

State of the Girl: Far Enough?

Two poèmes by Emma R. '20

Intersections: Dedication

Intersections: Taking Pride

Mental Health Awareness Month 2019

Speech at ASSIST Dinner

Intersections: L'impermanence

Choosing the Growth Mindset & What Inner Strength Means to Me

"Stranded" by Luna Patience '20

"ANX (Fog)" by Joy Lundberg '20

Intersections: Book Review of "Brave, Not Perfect"

"Nolite te bastardes carborundorum" by Syd L. '19

Intersections: Confluence of Silence

Kavanaugh's Plight

Intersections: the 2019 NELMS Annual Conference

A Playlist for the Powerful Woman in All Of Us

To Those Who Struggle to Eat

Romantic Relationships & Red Flags

Intersections: International Women's Day 2019

Intersections: Talkin 'bout my generation

Intersections: "Everybody, Everybody..."

Intersections: Gender and Sexuality 101

I Can’t Breathe

Spoken Word

Intersections: Women's March 2019

"The Voice of Stoneleigh-Burnham" 2019

Intersections: Choosing your battles

Intersections: Happy New Year 2019

Intersections: Holiday Traditions

Intersections: 2191 Days Later

Junior Ring Ceremony 2018: Speech by Luna '20

Intersections: Giving Thanks 2018

Student Work: Stop Motion Video

Intersections: Just, Vote

Intersections: A practice of invitation and grace

Intersections: Don't Stop Now

Installation Ceremony: Stephanie's speech

Installation Ceremony: Faculty Welcome

Installation Ceremony: Staff Welcome

Installation Ceremony: Student Welcome

45 Minutes

SBScodes: AP Computer Science Principles -- Weeks 2 and 3

Intersections: Undoing What Kavanaugh Is Doing to Our Kids

Karen Pleasant on "The intrusions of the world on the classroom"

SBScodes: All about a new course at SBS: AP Computer Science Principles

Convocation 2018: Remarks by Julia (Jewels) Hatchard '19

Convocation 2018: Remarks by Jacqueline (Jax) Morgan '19

Convocation 2018: Remarks by Shayna Appel '78

Intersections: The Roots of Democracy

Convocation 2018: Remarks by Lauren Cunniffe, Academic Dean

Intersections: “Ten Questions Parents Should Ask Before School Starts”

Intersections: Book Review of "Enough As She Is"

Intersections: #SavingLivesChat

Intersections: The Gift that Keeps On Giving

Intersections: Meeting the Promise

2018 Eighth Grade Moving Up Ceremony: Closing Poem "Ready to Explore"

Commencement 2018: Closing Remarks

Commencement 2018: Commencement Address

Commencement 2018: Head's Address

Commencement 2018: Senior Class Speaker

Commencement 2018: Opening Remarks

2018 Eighth Grade Moving Up Ceremony: Class Speaker

2018 Eighth Grade Moving Up Ceremony: Address

Intersections: Timeline

Intersections: Days of Future Past

Intersections: “Raising Caring and Happy Children in a Challenging Time”

Intersections: GLSEN Massachusetts Spring Conference 2018

Intersections: Day of Silence 2018

Poem #3


回家 Homecoming

Ember's Walkout Speech

Intersections: Activist School

Intersections: The Vermont Academy Diversity Conference

Intersections: #TDOV 2018

Intersections: After the March (toward intersectionality)

The World We Live In

Intersections: What is good pedagogy?

Intersections: Taking Inclusion for a Test Drive

Intersections: Emerging

Intersections: 2018 Fenn School Multicultural Educators’ Forum, part two

Intersections: The Power of Story

Intersections: Something We Create Together

Intersections: Rediscovering Hope

What can we do...?

Intersections: Ongoing Conversations

Stoneleigh-Burnham Women on the March

Intersections: The Pause that Refreshes

Essay on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "Be Somebody" Speech

Untitled Poem

The Future

The words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: “The American Dream”

Intersections: Reframing the Context

Intersections: Finally

Intersections: An evening with Rachel Simmons and Rosalind Wiseman

Intersections: #WhyWeWearBlack

Intersections: Looking back, looking forward

What You Hold Dear

Intersections: Still Here

Intersections: GLSEN Massachusetts Fall 2017 Conference

As I began to ponder...

Intersections: #AMLE2017

Intersections: Overcoming Bias

Intersections: #MeToo

Intersections: Through Another Set of eyes

Intersections: Beyond the Fear


Intersections: "Untangled"

Intersections: Enough with the Bravery Thing

Intersections: Dress Codes and Ethics

Intersections: Not Whether But How

Soaring beyond what we even imagine is possible

Making This Place Beautiful

Intersections: All I Got

If those two can become one

Defining Your Experience

Intersections: Love, Grace, and Vision

Intersections: "Creating a Culture of Feedback."

Intersections: #CharlottesvilleCurriculum

Intersections: Taking the Hint

Intersections: Drowning Out the Superfluous

Commencement 2017: Closing Remarks

Commencement 2017: Opening Remarks

2017 Reunion Luncheon Speech

Intersections: Tribute to Ann Sorvino

Annual Poem: Eighth Grade Moving Up Ceremony 2017

Commencement 2017: Address by Student Speaker Xiangge (Coco) Zhao '17

Address to the 2017 Eighth Grade Moving Up Ceremony

Intersections: Almost Magic

Intersections: The End Is Near

Professional Development: AISNE Health and Wellness Symposium

Intersections: ACT

Professional Development: "AISNE Unleashing your leadership superpowers"

Intersections: My identity is my purpose

Intersections: Beyond Breaking the Silence

Professional Development: Spanish Civil War and Fascism

2017 Poetry Festival

Ingrained Pain

Twilight's Lullaby

Professional Development: STAND UP! Symposium

Intersections: #LoveMySchoolDay

Intersections: Rising Girls

Intersections: Even Stronger

Intersections: #GirlsRock

Winter Term Honor Roll Remarks

Intersections: Supporting our kids in a time of increasing intolerance

Intersections: A Day Without Women

Student Photo Contest: Feb. 2017

Intersections: A Strong Wish I Make Every Night


Intersections: Excellence

Intersections: #ProductOfPublicSchools

Intersections: Not My Kids, You Don't

Declaration of Sentiments (2017 version)

On the Right Track

The United States of America UNITES again

Choice vs. Chance

Intersections: Too feminine?

In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Intersections: This Generation Coming Up

Intersections - The Joy Is the Source

Intersections: Smashing Patriarchy

Intersections: Classroom Resolutions 2017

Intersections: Acknowledging Difference

Intersections: Awarenesss

Veritas Supra Omnia

Intersections: Vigil for Racial Justice

Intersections: For the Long Haul

Intersections: Opportunity

Intersections: Feminist Affirmation

Students and Faculty participated in the Clarkdale Cider 12k Run

Intersections: Forward Together

Intersections: Traditional Support

Intersections: Deciding to Rise

Intersections: Quietly Revolutionary

Intersections: Report on Girls (2016)

Intersections: I Shall Wear Purple

Intersections: Highlights

Intersections: Valid and Loved

Intersections: Bringing that Love to Life

Intersections: Words in Motion

Intersections: The Other Side of the Mountain

Intersections: Opportunities

Intersections: Shining a Light

Seven SBS Students Conquer the Ragnar Trail New England Race

Intersections: What My Legs Mean

Intersections: Exploring Allyship

Intersections: A Group So Persistent

Intersections: In Sync

Cherished Imperfections

Intersections: "Powerfully on the Side of Love"

Intersections: Off to a Good Start

2016 Convocation Address

On the Verge

Two Paths Diverge

Summer Trek on the Appalachian Trail

On Malala's 19th Birthday

Every Moment

12 Things

That Moment

Really Really Good

If There Is To Be Hope

Teaching Masculinity in a Girls School

In Search of More Student Voice & Agency

Commencement 2016: Remarks by Sally Mixsell, Head of School

Commencement 2016: Closing Remarks by Alaine Jolicoeur

Commencement 2016: Address by Dr. Denise Bruner '70

Commencement 2016: Address by Senior Speaker Siobhan Pascal '16

Eighth Grade Moving Up Ceremony: Closing Poem

Eighth Grade Moving Up Ceremony 2016: Address

Sleeves Rolled Up

Getting There


A Matter of Pride

Appreciation 2016


Poem by Nolka Bates '16

Not So Visible

Poem by Annalie Gilbert Keith '18

Poem by Siobhan Pascal '16

Poem by Harper Watson '16

Lullaby and Good Night

Among My People

A Sense of Optimism

Embracing Imperfection

Keeping Up with Women

A Daily Practice

Road Trip

Absolutely on the Right Track

Virtually There: NAIS Annual Conference 2016, day two

A Token of My Appreciation

Down the Road

Forward in the Light

On Board

Asking the Students

Connecting with NASA

As It Should Be

The hard is what makes it great

Seeking a GOOD answer

Who Are We?

Unarmed Truth and Unconditional Love

Cultural Shift

Legitimate Hope

Our enduring commitment to humanity

2015 Hour of Code

Is silence golden?

Attitude of Gratitude

Game Changer

Rhymes and Reasons

Moments Like This

Doing Our Part


UMass Women in Engineering and Career Day 2015

The Road Not Yet Taken

Agents of Their own Destiny

Fangirling with the Experts


Seeking Success

A Sense of Who We Are

Textbook Cases

What's In Your Heart

The Journey in Mind

Taking the Fork in the Road

Where It Starts

How Long Will I Have To Wait

Fighting misogyny, one article of clothing at a time

Walk In Each Other’s Kindness

What a Good Teacher Does

In Community

"Summer Days, Driftin' Away..."

Summer Learning

Valuing Young Adolescents

Full of Ideas, Full of Inspiration

The Right Questions

Platform for Action

Like Home

Not Finished At All

What Does Caitlyn Jenner Mean to Girls Schools?

The Work We Do Daily

Joining In

What did you learn this year?

A Second Family

Eighth Grade Moving Up Ceremony: Address

Commencement 2015: "Closing"

Senior Class Address: Commencement 2015

Commencement Address to the Class of 2015

Standardized Testing Has Created an Unfair Burden on Public Schools

Spreading the Joy

Along the Light of Day

Not That Girl

Five Minutes Longer

Just Stop


Should we teach gender in schools?

Locked Arms

The Gift of Tears

My Own Teacher Leader Manifesto

Peace amid Chaos

Sub Plan

Honor Roll of the Soul

Love is a Process

A Seat at the Table

Culturally Healthy

Not So Terrifying

Emotional Landscapes

Speak Your Own Truth in Empathy

Not Finished Yet

On the Right Path

Facing Up


We have no grades!

Necessities for Teachers' Success (Part Two)

Sacred Mission

Necessities for Teachers' Success

What is the point of an education?

Where Everyone Is Accepting and Loving

100 Nights: An Appreciation of the Class of 2015

Five Daily Questions for Teachers: My Answers


Race Conversations in the Classroom

Seeking Intersections

The Change Our Future Generations Deserve

A Tunnel of Hope

Honoring MLK: A 2-Month Discussion on Social Justice and Teacher Activism

A Very Good Place to Start: On Teaching for Respect

Ending Well, part 2

Ending well

No One: Reflections on Ferguson

At the Heart of It

Trans 101.5

Why I Came, Why I Stay

Preventing Bullying

#WriteMyCommunity (National Day on Writing 2014)

"Are you in or out?"

Nuance Matters

Making Feminism Cool

Sick Day

Sample - How To Post

A Conversation with Spanish Teacher Jess Durfey

One Mind at a Time


A very. good. year.

Out of the Margins

Behind Every Avatar

Not a Four-Letter Word

The Humanity of People

Summer Reading, part three: Quiet by Susan Cain

Summer Reading, part two: This is Not a Test by José Vilson

Why I Support the ACLU's Suit Against Single-Sex Schools

Don’t Abolish Middle Schools - Reinvent Them

Summer Reading, part one

Student Driven Classrooms: Keeping the Faith

Guest Post: "Believe the Bird" Commencement Address by Anna Schuleit Haber

This Beautiful Year

Guest Post: Reflections for the Class of 2014


The more things change...


Security Blanket


The Politics of Nail Polish

Seriously? Seriously.

National Volunteer Month, 2014

Equalist Dress Code

Potential Lives

Happy Dance

Revisiting Dress Codes

Standing in Your Truth

Hashtag Bracketology

And We're Back!

Truly Blessed

To ban or not to ban: "Bossy"

Circle of Uniqueness

#NAISAC14, Day One


Torn Apart

Other People's Kids

Building the Future

No Makeup Policy

Sleeves Rolled Up


Oh, joy. One whole day.

Why [a rigid binary view of] Gender Matters

Your Thoughts

Adding Value

Dis-empowering the Good Mother myth

Taking the First Step

Reflecting our Compassion

Gathering Research


Rousing Boldness and Courage

Teaching to Love

No Retreat, No Surrender

Meeting of Minds

A Path to Comfort

Keeping the Stories Alive

Not One Bit More

Xian and Me

Expanding the Possible

Quite a Way to Go

Through Peace, Through Dialogue, Through Education

SBMS 10th Anniversary: Blast From The Past - "A Sense of the Possible"

Not Giving Up So Easily

Aware of One's Gender

Our Own Greatest Teachers

Feminist Dress Code

Truly Courageous Educators (part 1)

"Please join the faculty..." (part 1)

Living The Kite Runner

Gender-Coloured Glasses

Keep a Questing Mind

Pink Warriors

In Visible

Stop, Listen, and Learn... and Act

"... with liberty and justice for all."

Farewell to Pat

2013 Moving Up Poem

Not Long Enough

A Moment of Peace

How Far We've Come

... Like We're People

Nails in the Coffin?

Echoes of Silence

Gender Matters

Once You Get to Know Them

Incontestably Human

Thank You, Public Schools

Every Single One

Songs in the Key of Life

One Step Further

Build Your Own House

Not One Dollar: Guest Post From Charlotte M. '16

Temporary Home

Bikinis, Lingerie, and Women's Athletics

Seeing the Trees Within the Forest

Deliberate Snub

Beauty Redefined

Fight the Power

Candle in the Wind

An Open Letter to Dr. John Chubb

Where We've Come From, Where We Are

I'm Tired

Fashion Statement

Bending the Arc

Women’s Film Series Project at SBS

The Necessity of Maladjustment


Lost Forever

That All Students Might Like School

Mission Critical

Where the Next Hour Takes Me

Fight Club

Why I am no longer a feminist

Closing the Gap

Moving Mountains

In Community

From Calgary And Back: A Letter of Thanks From PB

He Said She Said

Who We Truly Are

The Right Thing is Easy to Do

From the Inside

Costume Party

Special Treatment

The Center of It All

Truth to Power

"Read if you are so inclined"

Thinking Globally, Acting Ethically

The Best Job in the World

Political Base

You Are What You Read.

The Best Day

Nesting Instinct

To Infinity... and Beyond

Olympic Heights

Don't Walk, Mosey (lessons from the South)

Growing Out of Over-Thinking

Vigorous Love and a Frenzy of Renaissance

As Best We Can

What's Simple Is True

Appreciate This

Small School, Big World - One Mission

The Art of Silence

Breaking the Silence

Hungering for a Better World

Room For Change

Change Is Inevitable; Shaping It Is Optional.

Looking After Each Other

99% Perspiration

Real World Issues

Living in Their World

No Duh

Ninja Women

Horses we Love

Pride in My Work

The Fierce Urgency of… Whenever?

Biscuits and Gravy

Esprit de basket

10,000 Hours.

Your Identity is Not Decided by the Sticker on Your Car's Rear Window: Advice for Parents during the College Admissions Process

Solidarity Forever

The Magical World of Musician

Empowering Domesticity

I used to think... and now I think...

On and on...

Time Passes

What are we waiting for?!

A Tale in Tweets, Posts and Photos.

Getting It Right

Storm Family

Bookends: Volume 3: Honesty may be the best policy, but it's not necessarily the easiest!

Just a Color

Making a New Home

Making History

Bookends: Volume 2: Allow Me to Burst Your Bubble

Love At, No, Before First Sight

Listening through the Wall: Middle School Select Chorus Auditions and the Spirit of Our School

"Bookends: Volume 1"

Just Go: Lessons from the First Day of School

Jump Right In and Be Yourself or The Top Ten Things New Students Should Know

Learning in Community

It All Came Together

Talib Kweli and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Lessons from Hermione

An Attitude of Wonder

The Power of Students

Tribute to Performing Arts Teacher Cyndee Meese

Moving Forward After Tremendous Growth: 8th Graders Move Up

CD Collection

Every Single Day

Total Fail

Taking the Plunge

Valuing the Feminine

On the Same Page

That Age

Different Voices

Student Teachers

Choice Time

Nail Polish, Barbies, and the Circle of Life

Do Teachers Have Regrets?

My Inner Middle Schooler (part 2)

An Update from the Barn

My Inner Middle Schooler (part 1)

Guest Post: Carolyn Flower

In Touch With Your Inner Student

A Healthy Community

A Voice that Resonates


Swinging for the Fences

Would you still be my friend?

View from the International Baccalaureate Nest

Same as it Ever Was, pt. ii

Last Act

Anticipating the IB Diploma Program

Who We Are

On the Importance of Having Fun

Learning With My Students

A Busy Start to the New Year!

Horns of a Dilemma

Things that Matter

Getting Past Partisanship


Bullying Prevention and Intervention Policy

Facing the Truth

Remembering 2010

Not Your Mother's Feminism

You've Come a Long Way, Baby. Sort of.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

On the Importance of Making Misteaks Mistakes

Beautifully Different.

The Roots of Pride

These are a few of my favorite things.

New Trimester...New Adventures

The Why and the Who of Teaching (reflections on Parker Palmer, part II)

The What and the How of Teaching (reflections on Parker Palmer, part I)

An Act of Hospitality

IEA, IEA, and more IEA!

Notice the Sweetness


NEHC and Family Weekend

It Gets Better.

Having a Conversation

Down the Road

Inherently Mavericks

Multiple Depths

#52-47: The Night Before Graduation, the Health Center, Weaving, Peer Tutors, Private Lessons.

#57-53: The Indoor Arena, the International Clocks, Baking in Faculty Apartments, Senior Sale, Ceramics.

#62-58: StuCo, the Swing, Senior Haunted House, Dancers/Riders/Athletes, Tennis Courts.

Reasons #67-63 in photos.

#72-68: Rock Band, Afternoon Snacks, Advisors, PB, Faculty Kids.

On the occasion of your graduation.

#77-73: Dorm Rooms, Farewell to Seniors, the Red Room, Multicultural Club, Sweater Girl.

#82-78: Tapioca Pudding, Walking Off Campus, Skits, Boarding Students, Veritas Supra Omnia.

#87-83: The WAV, Coolers for Away Games, Senior Projects, Student Artwork, Bonding Trips.

#92-88: Common Rooms, Riding Lessons, Jesser Science Center, DPP, Summer Programs.

#97-93: Founder’s Day, Weekend Activities, Owlnet, the Shuttle, Students/Classmates/Friends.

#102-98: RA’s, Family Weekend, Formal Dinners, Reception, Housemeeting.

#107-103: BBQ’s, 9th Grade Overnight, the Attic, Phone-A-Thon, Barn Proctors.

#112-108: Long Winter Weekend, Spearth Day, Omelets to Order, Faculty Pets, Community Service Club.

#117-113: Dining Hall, International Lunch, the Owl, the Holiday Basketball Tournament, Students of Color Club.

#122-118: All Girls, the Library, Sally, Big and Little Sisters, the Snapshot.

#127-123: Fresh Waffles, Blue Key, the Clock Tower, the Play, UMB.

#132-128: Horse Shows, Secret Snowflake, Day Students, MOCA, Lazer Tag.

#137-133: Mountain Day, Horses, Move-in Weekend, the Smell, Class Meetings.

#141-137: The campus, the academics, the class size, the food, the mailboxes.

One hundred and forty (oh wait, forty one) reasons to love SBS!

“We leave a little bit of ourselves behind wherever we have been” -Edmond Haraucourt

Congratulations and Welcome!

Whizbabies Take the Lead!

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Interview Time and Other Songs for Prospective Students.

A Day in Numbers.

Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

A Tribute to the Emerson Family

Is an all-girls school right for me?

5 Steps to a Better Interview!

A Nice Surprise at the End of A Busy Week (and Weekend)

What matters more is what we say.

It begins with a whisper…

Debate and Public Speaking Team Hosts First Tournament of the Year!

Early Impressions of the Year

The First of Many

The New School Year

And so it begins.

Coming Home

A Blog is Born at Stoneleigh-Burnham