2018 Eighth Grade Moving Up Ceremony: Closing Poem "Ready to Explore"

June 04, 2018 by Bill Ivey

When I first came to SBS,

I was so excited and happy.

I was so excited and nervous.

I was nervous.

I was worried.

I was having anxiety attacks.

I was scared to be away from my family.

I was scared to meet people with different cultures.

I was worried what people would think of me.

But now,

I love coming back each day.

I have lots of great friends.

I learned so many things.

I have grown.

I am outgoing and more confident.

I have found my voice.

I have new friends that I think of as sisters.

I love everyone so much.

I love it here.

When I first came to SBS, I was really nervous to be away from my family and be in another country alone.

But now, I feel really comfortable staying here alone and hangout with my friends.

When I first came to SBS, I didn't think it was shaped like an "a" like everyone said. I thought that was confusing.

But now, I totally get it.

When I first came to SBS, I was really nervous about making new friends and being in a new environment.

But now, I have a lot of friends from all around the world, and I love SBS.

When I first came to SBS, I was shy.

But now, I’m not.

When I first came to SBS, I was greeted with so many happy faces.

But now, I am one of those happy faces.

When I first came to SBS, I was unsure.

But now, I am ready to explore.

My favourite parts of the day were


Waking up to my roommate and knowing that she will always be there for me as I will for her

Catching up with the students and teachers

Art class



Spanish class

Being in Chinese

Free periodsWhen people would greet me in the halls

Lunch when I got to eat food and talk to people

Sitting at a lunch table with half of my entire grade




Free time


Riding lessons


Singing in the showers with my friends after sports

Hanging with friends

Having fun with my friends

Laughing with my friends

Spending time with friends

My favourite part of the day was I went through it all with my friends.

Next year, I'm looking forward to…meeting new classmates and reconnecting with old ones:

more people to laugh with,

new students and teachers,...

more memories.

I’m looking forward to...

taking pointe,

being in Chinese,

seeing my upper school friends more,

not turning in electronics,...

more freedom.

I’m looking forward to...

doing a better job in Big Band.

studying harder.

running for 8th grade Vice President.

having a very good last year of middle school.

Founders’ Day!

I’m looking forward to...

being one year older and wiser;

doing more activities,

including myself into more of the student body,

doing more stuff including the aid of SBS,

and making a change.

But I will always remember

this unique experience,

everything that happened inside my brain.

the funny moments in classes,

the people I spent two great years of my life with,

the friendships I have made here,

the ones who leave,

the best middle school years of my life here.

I will always remember

to try my best even though some classes are difficult.

to be nice to everyone and be clean.

to be positive and happy.

I will always remember

The great times we shared,

all of the fun experiences our class made together:

my room and the eighth grade trip,

the wonderful experience I had here;the people of this school, my friends, and my roommate.

I will always remember everybody here and everything that happened here.

I will always remember

our tight knit community,

that SBS supports me

and that I always have this second home to come back to.

Written by Bill Ivey

A dedicated member of the faculty, Bill Ivey is the Middle School Dean at Stoneleigh-Burnham School. He teaches Humanities 7 and the Middle and Upper School Rock Bands. Bill is the advisor for MOCA, the middle school student government, and he coordinates and participates in the middle school service program. Among his many hats, Bill also coordinates social media for Stoneleigh-Burnham School.

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