It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

December 22, 2010 by stefperry

It's my first December at SBS - and wow - we certainly get into the holiday spirit here! With gingerbread houses, secret snowflake gift exchanging, and hilarious faculty skits, SBS dives right into the holiday celebration and the barn is no different.

This past Wednesday we held a "Ho-ho-holiday" Gymkhana for the girls (I came up with the Ho-ho-ho part). Mina dressed up as none other than jolly ol' St. Nick, leading Moon (our little white pony) around, loaded with saddle bags of Christmas presents for all the good little girls and boys. Marilyn and I donned elf hats and turned Sweetie and Treasure into Christmas reindeer to become Santa's little helpers. For several hours the barn was filled with laughter and cheers as the girls played individual and team games on horseback (such as musical stalls, sit a buck, and relay races). It was lots of fun for all involved, whether riding or simply watching!

On Saturday, the Community Riding program held their own little holiday party. First they played some gymkhana games followed by a potluck party to which everyone was invited. It was a far less rambunctious gathering than our gymkhana on Wednesday, but it was a great party nonetheless and it was fun to meet and talk to more community riders than I normally have the opportunity to see.

In my last post I mentioned our upcoming IEA show and our home hunter/jumper show - I am sure you would love to know the results! IEA was a great success and the girls were the reserve champion team of the day! Our hunter/jumper show was a lot smaller than the last show, but many of our girls took to the show ring to demonstrate their skill and talent. In most classes, a Stoneleigh-Burnham girl placed in first or second (or even both). We are very proud of our riders - they always represent our school so well by performing at the highest level and by demonstrating superb sportsmanship and horsemanship!

Many wishes for very happy holidays over the next few weeks!



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