New Trimester...New Adventures

November 29, 2010 by stefperry

This week marks the start of a brand new trimester which will usher in a whole new atmosphere around the barn. While there will be many returning students, we are excited to welcome many new students as well. The lesson schedules will change and there will be new group dynamics formed with these new combinations of riders. I'm eager to see returning riders continue to progress and to meet all our new riders! I can't say I'm looking forward to the coming cold of WINTER, but I'm thrilled so many riders are willing to brave the chilly temperatures this winter to come down to the barn (over 40 including both full time and part time riders!).

Before I embark upon this new trimester I want to take one last look at this past trimester. Even though I have only been at Stoneleigh-Burnham for four months, it feels like I have been here forever (and I mean that in a good way!). I have settled in so completely over the last few months and I love my life at SBS. The kids and horses are great to work with, the lessons a joy to teach, and even though there can be stressful times (when we are preparing to host a horse show for example) now four months after my first day at SBS, I still think daily, "I love my job!"

There are so many hard working, dedicated riders who come down to the barn every day, and so many kids who come even when they aren't riding in order to support their friends and help out. It has been so great to watch these girls learn and progress over the last few months. I have become incredibly aware of the fact that teaching at SBS is more than simply "teaching." SBS is a way of life and a little world in and of itself. I spend so much time around our student-athletes, both when they are on and off the horse, that they have become a huge part of my life. Whether I’m teaching a lesson, eating with them in the cafeteria, going to their haunted houses or school plays, they always bring a smile to my face. It's like my family has ballooned and each day I am thrilled to be a part of my new, larger SBS family.

Speaking of our hard working and dedicated riders -- they wrapped up the fall trimester with outstanding success. In my last post I mentioned our upcoming shows (both our home Hunter/Jumper show as well as our IEA show at Folly) and they turned out to be huge successes! At our home show, unlike the Fall Horse Trials, many of our girls competed (both on our horses and on their own) and they were extremely successful. In almost every class a SBS girl took first or second place and there were many who walked away that day with division championships or reserve championships. Folly Farm was no different -- the IEA team was at the top of their game and made a phenomenal showing. The team brought home many blue ribbons, including the most important one: the blue for being the top team that day.

With more shows coming (an IEA show on December 4th and another SBS hosted Hunter/Jumper show on December 11th), I am excited to see the talented SBS girls continue to show their stuff.



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