#57-53: The Indoor Arena, the International Clocks, Baking in Faculty Apartments, Senior Sale, Ceramics.

July 26, 2010 by SBS Admissions

#57: The Indoor Arena.

Outdoor trails are great in the summer...and everyone loves the first time they get to ride in the outdoor paddocks in the Spring...but come winter there is nothing at the barn that is more appreciated than the indoor arena (well, ok maybe the horses are more appreciated). If you have the added bonus of a heated viewing lounge it's even better!

#56: The International Clocks.

Wondering what time it is in China? Just stop by our international clocks and you'll know in a second!

#55: Baking in Faculty Apartments.

I can remember baking numerous cookies in Miriam's and Cathy's apartments when I was a student. Now, I welcome the girls into my apartment all the time. Brownies, cookies, nachos and cakes...you name it we've probably made it! It's nice to be able to whip up something yummy on a rainy afternoon!

#54: Senior Sale.

A yearly tradition where the seniors skim the excess from their wardrobes before they head off for college. It's always chock full of great finds for your wardrobe or dorm room.

#53: Ceramics.

Ceramics was hands down one of the most popular art electives when I was a student and it still is. With four wheels and a kiln on campus our students are able to learn the art of pottery from production through decoration!

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