#72-68: Rock Band, Afternoon Snacks, Advisors, PB, Faculty Kids.

June 16, 2010 by SBS Admissions

#72: Rock Band.

During each performance the talented members of rock band grace us with their musical capabilities. The songs they choose are usually popular and well known and they really get into it! Rock band always gets the audience clapping and singing along!

#71: Afternoon Snacks.

Every day at the end of the academic day the dining hall opens for a few minutes and provides our students with a quick snack before they head off to sports. It's a great way to prevent that afternoon slump and give you the extra burst of energy you need to get through practice.

#70: Advisors.

Your advisor is your first line of defense here at SBS. They stay on top of your grades, check in with you when you're upset, bring you coffee from Dunkin before exams or drive you to get ice cream on a hot day. They are just one of the many people on the SBS campus you can go to for anything. They are always there to lend a helping hand or support you when things get tough.

#69: PB.

PB has been a part of the SBS community for a long time. Whether he coached you in softball, taught you how to write or you met with him while he was the Head of School, chances are if you attended (or currently attend) SBS you know who he is. His dedication to the community has been steadfast and continues even now (during his retirement) as he continues to coach debaters to help them get to the international competition and beyond.

#68: Faculty Kids.

No matter what age group you like you are sure to find a child on the SBS campus that you connect with. From infants to toddlers the faculty children help make SBS feel like home.

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