#87-83: The WAV, Coolers for Away Games, Senior Projects, Student Artwork, Bonding Trips.

May 25, 2010 by SBS Admissions

#87: The WAV.

Whether you call it the WAV or the Stallion every SBS girl from 2003 on has taken a ride on Stoneleigh-Burnham's little white bus. It safely transports the girls to dances and away games and weekend activities too.

#86: Coolers for Away Games.

Every Saturday when you enter the dining hall you'll find students and coaches packing their lunches into the giant away game coolers. It's a gentle reminder that even though it's the weekend our students are still busy and involved!

#85: Senior Projects.

Senior projects are one of my favorite parts of the SBS curriculum. They allow girls the chance to conduct an independent study in a subject of her choice for the duration of her senior year. Throughout my years at Stoneleigh-Burnham I have seen fashion shows, one woman plays, listened to violin concerts, watched wildlife documentaries, learned about a variety of lab research projects and witnessed several dance performances. Each and every project has been unique to the girl who created it and each has been fascinating.

#84: Student Artwork.

Stoneleigh-Burnham's walls are adorned with a variety of self portraits, paintings and other various projects created by our students over the years. Around nearly every corner you will find student paintings, drawings and photos reflecting the various eras of student artists. Dash over to our art loft and you'll find works in progress...from woven pieces to ceramics to photography, each one beautiful in it's own right.

#83: Bonding Trips.

You complain about them while you're on them but at the end of the day the class bonding trips are always fun. Whether you're on an overnight like the Middle School or 9th grade classes or you're whitewater rafting (like our Senior Class this year) they are sure to end up being a blast!

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