#92-88: Common Rooms, Riding Lessons, Jesser Science Center, DPP, Summer Programs.

May 10, 2010 by SBS Admissions

#92: Common Rooms.

Here at SBS each residential hallway has its own common room. Comfy couches, microwaves, televisions and computers make these rooms a popular hang out for our students. You can find students here on weekends and during free time relaxing with friends.

#91: Riding Lessons.

You can't appreciate the convenience of having your riding lessons less than a five minute walk from your dorm room unless you're a rider. Being within walking distance of your lessons, your ponies, your coaches and the barn is truly wonderful for all of our riders.

#90: Jesser Science Center.

Built in 2000, Jesser Science Center features up to date chemistry, biology and physics labs and it's home to our middle school program as well. The biology lab is always filled to the brim with plants, frogs and other life...while the chemistry lab is always kept spotless (except during a lab of course!). It's a great place for a budding scientist...or a current middle schooler.

#89: DPP.

Dance Performance Project has been entertaining audiences for many years. Spots are available by audition only and the select group of dancers work overtime (an extra half hour daily) to prepare 2-3 additional pieces. Watching their performances is always enlightening and entertaining!

#88: Summer Programs.

In addition to the wonderful things that happen at SBS during the school year, we also have a group of dedicated summer programs students and staff who fill the hallways with laughter all summer long. It's a delight to see "students" on campus without the stress of classes and tests!

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