Professional Development: "AISNE Unleashing your leadership superpowers"

May 02, 2017 by Guest Faculty Bloggers

On April 28th teacher Charlotte Hogan attended a workshop put on by AISNE (the Association for Independent Schools of New England) called "Unleashing your Leadership Superpowers."

Workshop description:

The frenzied pace of the academic year often requires school leaders to develop their leadership style on the fly, without allowing us an opportunity to reflect on our approach to working with others or identify and leverage the strengths we bring to our role. Leadership+Design will offer an interactive, day-long workshop for New England independent school leaders at all levels (from teacher- leaders to aspiring leaders to seasoned administrators) that will give them a chance to step away from their work in order to ask important questions such as: What particular superpowers and approaches do I bring to the table and how can I surface those in my work? How do teams best form, interact, collaborate, and do their work together? How can I best navigate the subtle (and not-so-subtle) ways people develop status relationships with one another in a school setting? Over the course of the day, participants will work together to reflect on their own signature presence as leaders, gain insight into group dynamics and status behaviors, and learn and practice new skills and habits for collaborating in teams. Emerge with concrete skills and new perspectives you can apply immediately in your work as a school leader.

Charlotte Hogan reports:

Over the last four years in my role as English Language Department Chair, I see myself as having grown in leadership in many ways. I would like to work to continue this growth as I come more fully into my professional career as a teacher/leader, director of ELI, Extension Program coordinator, and as a houseparent and yoga instructor/coach. It is my plan to have a student teacher next year, and so another intention for attending this conference was to be a good mentor for that individual. In my larger career path, I hope to become involved in curriculum development and teacher support. The values of this conference for me and the school are wide ranging.

The AISNE: Unleashing your Leadership Superpowers conference began with an interesting task: to not write your position on your nametag! This step alone transformed the workshop experience for me; I’m *just* a teacher, but no one knew that! For all I know, the people at my large circular table were all heads of school. The workshop began with some fun improv and Outward Bound style games, each pointing out an interesting aspect of leadership, and then we set norms for our discussions throughout our day together. We explored concepts of “Signature Leadership Presence”, which is in a nutshell, knowing who you are and connecting that to how you show up in your role. We learned about status and power and the ways that people play with their status to be the best leader they can be in a number of situations. As leaders, we can also choose to use our power to build up others’ statuses, which I thought was an interesting idea (like being a nice person??). Lastly, we learned about collaboration and the ways in which we can be productive and accomplish tasks while maintaining the health of the group. Part of this involved re-thinking the toast-making experience, which was a fun way to examine our various leadership styles and our signature presences. I would highly recommend working with Carla Silver and Erin Cohn of Leadership + Design if you ever get the chance!

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